Facebook Policy

  This Website By Souvik Das (“we,” “us,” “our”) takes its users (“user”, “you,” “your”) privacy 

seriously. This Aloofness Action is advised to let you apperceive what advice we aggregate through our Facebook Apps and/or Fan Page. We aggregate advice in accordance with this Aloofness Policy, and this Privacy 

Policy alone applies to our advice accumulating practices on Facebook. We intend to accede with the requirements categorical by Facebook as it pertains to Developers as categorical here https://developers.facebook.com/policy/ .

As appropriate by Facebook’s Aloofness Action we accept to let you apperceive that we do not advertise your data, about if we are acquired or are alloyed we may alteration this data. In addition, you may appeal the abatement of your abstracts at any time by contacting us via email but we ask that you accord us a reasonable bulk of time to fulfil this appeal already it is made.

By application our Appliance and/or Folio you accede that you are acceding us the appropriate to use, copy, display, distribute, deliver, render, and about accomplish any agreeable that you accommodate to us. The use of our Appliance and/or Folio is additionally banned in assertive countries, accurately ones that accept blocked the use of Facebook or area your use or our agreeable would be prohibited.

Type of Advice We Automatically Aggregate from Users:

The advice we aggregate depends on the advice you acquiesce others to appearance on your Facebook profile. About we will aggregate at atomic the afterward advice about you:

• Name

• Email

• Gender

• Birthday

• Accepted City

• Your contour picture

• IP Address

• Browser Type

• Interactions with our App or Facebook Page

Type of Advice We Ability Aggregate if you accept accustomed us to aggregate is:

As we said before, we may aggregate added advice depending on whether you accept accustomed us to aggregate it based on your user settings. This includes:

• Networks

• Accompany List

• Pages

• Interests

• Advice about how you collaborate with your friends

• Contour information

• Posts you accept “liked”

• Acquaintance information

• Cachet Updates

• Agenda of Events

• Whether or not you are online

• “check ins” and accompany that accept arrested you in

• posts or pictures you are tagged in

How we use your advice :

• We use abstracts that we accept through Facebooks API to advance your acquaintance with us

• Analyse and advance new products

• We may use your Facebook ID with assertive casework that advance our application, but alone to the admeasurement all-important to run our application

• To accredit you to use our applications features

• To column on your bank apropos your use of our Application

• To acquiesce you to collaborate with others that use our Appliance or Page

• To advance our Application, about any specific advice about you will be in an aggregated, anonymized form, and any anecdotic advice about you will be removed

• To acquaint with you about new features

• To amend you about changes in our amount or site

• Verify your identity

Who do we allotment your advice with?

Application Partners and Third Affair Account Providers: We may allotment your advice with third parties we accept partnered with accurately for our Appliance and/or Fan Page. In addition, we may appoint alfresco companies or third parties to advice us manage, create, or advance our Appliance and/or Fan Page.

These parties are contractually answerable to accumulate your advice confidential, and they will alone accept admission to advice that is bare to accomplish their job.

Other Users: If you accept accustomed us permission, and if one of the functions of our Appliance and/or Fan Folio is to acquiesce you to collaborate with others, you are activity to be giving us the adeptness to allotment assertive advice with added users. However, we alone allotment this advice if you accept accustomed us to and if it is accustomed by Facebook. We may additionally assay how you collaborate with added users and again accumulated this information, in an anonymized form, to acquiesce us to see how you use our Appliance and/or Page.

Legal Uses: We may acknowledge your advice if appropriate by a subpoena, through any acknowledged process, to accede with any law or regulation, or by appeal of any law administration agency. We may additionally acknowledge your advice if we analytic accept it is all-important to anticipate abuse or abrasion or loss, in any way, to us or any third party.

Business Accretion or Merger: If we are acquired or advertise our business we may alteration your information. You may acquaintance us in the accident this happens if you accept any apropos with the alteration of your data.

Controlling your Data:

You may appeal that we annul any abstracts about you at ay time. Unless you do so, however, we may absorb your abstracts until you ask us to annul it, alike if we abandon the Appliance and/or Page. You may additionally stop us from accession advice about you if you uninstall our App or abolish yourself from our Folio or if your annual is deleted. We may accommodate you with the adeptness to review, correct, or annul your information.

Other Disclosures and Assurances:

We DO NOT sell/transfer/give information about your use of Facebook to third parties unless accustomed in this Agreement.

We use reasonable safeguards and protections to assure your data. We may accept servers amid in altered jurisdictions so you are acknowledging to the alteration of this advice from your abode to our servers.We do not acquiesce users beneath 13 to use our Appliance or Fan Folio and will annul anyone we doubtable is beneath age.

We may amend this Aloofness Action as needed. If we do, we will column a apprehension on actuality of the changes and back this Action was aftermost updated.